Kenna Allison is a 21 year old interdisciplinary artist residing in Southwestern Montana, right between the geysers and glaciers. As an artist, she currently focuses within the ranges of photography, writing, fashion, painting and more while also merging her passion for nature and sustainable living. As co-owner of Krowned Clothing, Kenna and her boyfriend Kal make handmade fashion in small batches, focusing on cut and sew along with upcycling, with a mission to reduce the waste associated with the fashion industry. They follow this lead throughout all of their business practices and include the use of organic or sustainable fabrics whenever possible.

As an avid plant enthusiast and herbalist, Kenna handcrafts DIY recipes for the likes of brands like Guayaki Yerba Mate by harvesting herbs from her garden or by sustainably gathering wild plants in the forests of Montana. You can also find her creating work around sustainability and upcycling/recycling. As an avid activist she fights for not only the environment, but for all places that injustice and power imbalances prevail.

Over the years Kenna has been known for her work inspired by the magnificence of nature, fashion, music, and endeavouring to tell her stories through art. Kenna’s work has been featured in Montana Magazine (Oct./Nov. Issue, 2015 and March/April 2016), KXLF news, Society6 Six Pack, and the Intellectual Crime Scene as well as many other social platforms. As co-owner of Krowned Clothing ™, she has produced and hosted art and fashion events, bringing together a fresh and exciting next generation of artists and creators.