Full & New Moon Ritual Cleanse Bath


On Sunday the Virgo Full Moon rose in all of its glory, bringing many different energies into the atmosphere. Over the last week leading up to the full moon I experienced one of those 'crazy' full moons where everything and everyone seems to be out of whack. As Sunday rolled around, Kal and I both found ourselves still in a funk. Thankfully, the Virgo full moon emphasizes our need to focus on our health. I cleaned our apartment, and quickly got to preparing my rituals with extra healing intentions in mind. 

One of my favorite ways to cleanse my body and mind during full and new moons is by taking a ritual bath. After putting my crystals out under the moonlight for an overnight charge, I ran to the store to pick up some of my favorite fresh herbs (you can also use dried herbs). I chose mint, sage, and rosemary (organic of course). 3 herbs that I knew would pair together nicely to make a perfect detox bath. Mint has refreshing scent and skin healing properties, sage relaxes the body and helps relive any muscle tension, and finally rosemary promotes energy while soothing the skin. 

I took a small handful of each herb and combined them in a small heat safe ceramic dish. While I prepared the rest of my bath, I let the leaves steep in boiling water for about 3 minutes. In my bath I also included homemade rosewater, lavender essential oil, one drop of peppermint essential oil, and rosehip oil. Once the leaves were steeped to my desire I emptied the infused water and leaves into the bath (adding leaves is optional).

After about a 30 minute soak, I got ready for bed feeling relaxed and clear minded. All of the stress from the previous week had left my body, and I felt ready to take on the new challenges of the coming week. Not to mention that my skin also felt great. 

I hope you can all use this little ritual remedy to your benefit. Happy March!