DIY Reusable Guayaki Bottle Vases

If you know me by now, you know that my go to drink for energy and happiness is Guayaki Yerba Mate. Kal and I have both become loyal customers to the brand. I honestly think we spend more money on Guayaki each week than we do anything else. The phrase, "Let's go to the store, we need more Yerba," has become the daily norm for us.

 While we drink mostly the loose leaf and canned Yerba, every now and then we switch it up and get the bottled version. I love the cute glass bottles that are embossed with their motto, "come to life," but finding out what to do with them after you drink it has been a creative challenge for me. Montana no longer has a glass recycling service, but I still couldn't get myself to just throw away the bottles knowing they would sit in a landfill for a million years. 

 So, I chose for my first creative DIY with the glass bottles to keep it minimal and classic- flower vases.  It is pretty common to see reused glass bottles and jars be used as vases, so by no means am I taking credit for this idea. However, I think I may be the first person to use Guayaki bottles, and I definitely think the aesthetic of the bottle (mimicking an old school milk bottle in my mind) calls for a fresh look compared to your regular jar. 

I took 3 of the bottles that I had stored under my kitchen sink, cleaned them out, and prepped them with fresh filtered water and flower food. I paired white roses with some beautiful emerald leaves, and placed the new arrangements in the windowsills of my apartment. The flowers complimented the bottles beautifully, and I was very pleased with how they complimented my existing space. 

Overall the project was very easy to put together, and I loved the way it turned out. I can't wait to fill the bottles with wildflowers this spring, and come up with some new creative ways to reuse everyday items for you all to try. So the next time you grab your favorite Guayaki bottled drink, or any other beverage that comes in a glass bottle recycle- or decorate with them!