Photo Journal: Under The Cherry Blossom Trees

It is finally starting to feel like full force Spring in the Rockies here in Montana. However, as I type this the majority of the cherry blossom trees have faded- but not before we were able to get out and soak up their beauty right before sundown for a quick photo shoot. 

There is something just so incredible about the bloom of these trees (which are most commonly plum or crab apple trees in Montana) that makes Springtime so fucking magical. Unfortunately the bloom comes and goes within a blink of an eye, which is not long enough at all in my opinion. There are still a few lingering around town, but I will miss the joy, smell, and beauty they bring the atmosphere until next year. So until next Spring I will just enjoy the photos below and the time we had under the blossom trees. 

MUA: Ivy Scharler (@scharler_ivy) 

"I want to do with you what the Spring does with the cherry trees." -Pablo Neruda