January Wellness With Guayaki: Five Ideas To Kickoff 2019

The long holiday season is at a close, and as Winter treads on in the beginning of a new calendar year, we are targeted with pressure to celebrate a “New Year, New You,” kind of attitude. If you’re like me, you may not feel like January is as much of a reset period as it is promoted- I don’t quite feel that way until the snow starts to melt in the spring. I’ve struggled with the concept of needing to have strict goals and making drastic change in my life, when in reality Winter still has us all feeling laggy, tired, and cold. That is why today I am here with the help of Guayaki to give you some tips, food for thought, and some wellness recipes to help start out your new year in a healthy way that won’t leave you feeling unaccomplished and stressed.


1. Small steps are some of the greatest steps.

The best way to create goals for the New Year is by reflecting on the last year, and deciding in what areas you would like to improve. It is important to know that growing isn’t an overnight process, and we can’t focus on all areas at once. Instead of diving in and trying to accomplish total change in one month, consider picking one area to focus on each month of the year starting with January. If you could stick to accomplishing one goal every month, imagine next year looking back at all of the new habits + goals you accomplished!

2. Cleanse your space!

My all time favorite routine to prepare for a new time change of any kind is by doing a good deep clean of my home, car, ect. Clean your closets + cupboards, wash the floors and walls, reorganize, and donate anything you don’t need. Finish off by clearing the area with some smoke medicine via a sustainably sourced material like Palo Santo. Resetting your space is the ultimate way to set yourself up to stay committed to new change.

3. Keep colds away + your energies high with a Guayaki Yerba Maté Wellness Gourd.

Winter Wellness Gourd

  • Yerba Maté Gourd Or Mug + Bombilla

  • 2 Tablespoons Guayaki Loose Leaf Yerba Maté (Use my Winter Blend recipe for an extra kick!)

  • Elderberry Tincture or Fresh Elderberries

  • 1/2 Teaspoon Grated Fresh Ginger


  1. Prepare gourd. If you do not have a gourd, use a mug or you can follow this same recipe just using a tea strainer/French press.

  2. Pour Maté into gourd or mug, and add cold water. Then add your fresh gingers and elderberry.

  3. Place your bombilla in and fill with hot water.

  4. Come to life!

4. Investing in yourself

In 2019, I challenge everyone to put a focus on investing in yourself. I don’t mean going out and buying yourself new material items- I’m talking about investing in your health and happiness through balance, self care, and eco-conscious actions. During January we are still in the dark until March, and if you’re somewhere where it snows + rains frequently you know that the early months of a new year can be tough to navigate. That is why it is the perfect time to bunker down after a busy Holiday season to focus on your optimum well-being!

  • Put more energy into the things YOU want. Turn down all offers that aren’t in your best interest this year, it is time for you to flourish in your own happiness.

  • Work + Play: The hustle is always real, but you will never be performing your best without adequate sleep and time to do the things you love to do. Organize your hours in a day to ensure you are fitting in everything you want to do in a day while also allowing yourself 7 or more hours of sleep a night (I go for 8 or more during the Winter!).

  • One of the best ways to invest in yourself, is to also invest in the environment. When you are making decisions aligned with protecting our planet, you will feel an overall sense of more purpose in your life. This year, consider learning new ways to go waste-free or cleaning up your diet by including bulk-bin items, more vegetables (maybe even grow your own!), and cutting down meat/dairy consumption.

5. Unplug + get outside!

In the year 2019, I think it is safe to say our devices are literally attached to us. With things like ‘Screen Time’ exposing that some of us are spending anywhere from 8-15 hours on our phones a day, now more than ever it is important that we set aside time regularly to unplug and immerse ourselves back into nature. Take a walk around your neighborhood, form a weekly hike routine, or just make sure to step outside and take a few deep breaths everyday.

I wish everyone a healthy + happy 2019! May you grow deeper into the best version of yourself each and every day.

Come to life!

- Kenna

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