DIY Reusables In The Garden With Guayaki

Hello Earthlings- Happy May! I hope wherever you are that you're enjoying the fresh new energies of the season, especially if you are just now getting to taste them. Spring is finally making a more permanent stay here in Montana, but I know better than to count out the chance of more snow just yet. These sunny days have had me itching to get back to the garden. I couldn't wait any longer, so I decided it was time to finally start adding some new additions to my currently indoor garden. So as a part of my DIY Reusable Series with Guayaki, I am here to share with you a fun way to be eco-friendly and work on your green thumb at the same time. 



  • Guayaki Loose Leaf Tin Container 
  • Quality Potting Soil (Do some research on what is best for your plant or ask at your local nursery)
  • Herb or Other Plant of Choice (I used Spearmint for this tin)
  • Drill or Rocks To Create Drainage 


1. Prepping Your Plants New Home:  Once your Guayaki Yerba Mate loose leaf tin is empty, give it a quick rinse and then prepare your tools to drill 4 small holes on the bottom end of the tin. If you prefer to use rocks as your drainage system, skip drilling the holes and cover the first few inches in the bottom of the tin with your stones of choice. 

2. Potting Your Herbs: Once your drainage holes are drilled, fill the tin about a quarter of the way with your high quality potting soil. Gently take out your pre-grown herb plant from the current pot and lightly loosen the bottom roots from the soil. Stick your plant in the center of the tin and fill in the sides and top with your potting soil. Water promptly. 

3. Caring For The Plant: Do research on your herb or other plant of choice for specific care guides and harvest information. Tend to them daily. "A garden requires patient labor and attention. Plants do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions or to fulfill good intentions. They thrive because someone expended effort on them." — Liberty Hyde Bailey


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