DIY Reusable Tiki Torches With Guayaki

Summer is here in full force, and these warm nights have me wanting to spend every hour lounging on our balcony or out in the woods. However, I like most humans find challenge in the outdoors when there feels like no escaping the blood sucking bugs that seem to multiply every year. Bug paranoia is real, and sometimes I can't get over that itchy feeling that I'm constantly covered in them. However, I don't want these little creatures to ruin my own enjoyment of the outdoors and I definitely strive to keep my kill count as low as I can. So this month I am back with Guayaki to give you all a new reusable DIY idea to not only repel the bugs but to liven up your outdoor space. 



1. Grab your used Guayaki glass bottle and lid. Clean thoroughly and remove the paper label. Scrub off label glue. 

2. Prepare your drill and proper drill bit. Place the lid on a hard drill safe surface. Holding the cap securely with one hand, begin carefully drilling a hole into the center of the cap. You can also screw the lid tightly on the bottle and drill holding the bottle with one hand as well. This process should take approximately 5 minutes, but go slow and take your time. Once your drill hole has been created continue drilling around the edges of the hole until the ceramic holder fits in. 

3. Fill the bottom of the bottle with your stones or gravel to prevent it from tipping over. To save on the amount of fuel used, fill the bottle first with half water and on top with half green tiki torch fuel. Do not fill higher than the bottom of the bottle neck. 

4. Cut your wick short enough so it only sits within the fuel. Do not let the wick sit in the water on the bottom half. Using a pair of tweezers dip the entire wick in the fuel and thread through the hole in the ceramic holder. 

5. Tightly secure the lid on the bottle and pull the wick no more than 1 inch above the ceramic holder. Set your new DIY Guayaki Reusable Tiki Torch on a stable surface away from pets, children, and other flammable materials. Do not leave unattended. 


Common sense and fire safety is an obligatory forefront of this project. Please conduct further research if you are not familiar with working in these mediums. 

1. Do not use indoors, or place in a spot where they can be easily knocked down. Consider setting your tiki torch in a heavyweight holder or wall mount.

2. Never leave a burning wick unattended. 

3.  Keep the wick no more than 1 inch above the bottle at all times. Make sure wick is completely snuffed out when finished with use. 

These are the perfect summer accessory to add into any outdoor space if used with common sense and caution. I picture warm nights surrounded by good friends, a gourd of Guayaki Yerba Mate being passed around, and these beautiful eco-friendly tiki torches flickering away.

Here's to Summer- cheers!


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*Creativity is always encouraged*


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