Guayaki Yerba Mate Face Spray

As Summertime begins to enter its final weeks, fire season seems to always be at it's peak. I always find this part of Summer the hardest to work through. Now more than ever we need the help of our plant allies to help us stay on track- and one of the best ways to apply them is externally.

In the last few years face sprays have become a huge cultural dominant, and for great reason. During the Summer I've found I'd rather have nothing else on my person at all times than a good rejuvenating face spray. They help keep my skin moisturized, balanced, and awake. While there are plenty of great options for face sprays on the market, I've found that what I enjoy even more is experimenting with my own custom blends. This is how the Yerba Mate Face Spray was born!

After a little research mixed with my own experience consuming Yerba Mate I found that applying it externally in the form of a face spray would provide a wide range of benefits. The high level of antioxidants found in Yerba Mate protect against free radicals + environmental pollution which is perfect for these hazy days. I chose to pair a strong sun brewed cup of Guayaki Yerba Mate with one of my other favorite skin savers, witch hazel, to create this invigorating "Come To Life" face spray. Now speaking from my own experience once I came up with this DIY, I found using Yerba Mate externally has a very similar effect to internally consuming it. The smoky earth scent is a huge energy lifter that helped awaken my whole body. 

Overall, this face spray is my new obsession and I think it will be yours too. Plus if you've got some old Guayaki Yerba Mate Shot bottles laying around, this makes a perfect DIY reusable for those! 


  • 1 or more Guayaki 2oz Amber Glass Bottle (Get yours here)

  • 1 oz Brewed Guayaki Yerba Mate (Make one cup of brewed Yerba Mate using 1 mate bag or 2 tbsps loose leaf mate)

  • 1 oz Witch Hazel

  • Spray Pump for Amber Glass Bottle

  • Small Funnel


1. Brew 1 cup of strong Guayaki Yerba Mate + let cool. I used my Sun brewed recipe for added natural magic. Strain into seperate cotainer. 

2. Remove Guayaki label from shot bottle + clean thoroughly. 

3. Using the small funnel, fill the 2oz amber glass bottles with half brewed Guayaki Yerba Mate (About 1oz) +  fill the rest with your witch hazel.

4. Screw on the spray head and shake well.

Bonus Tip: Leave in fridge for the ultimate cooling spray for those hot days. 

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*Creativity is always encouraged*


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