Springing Into The Garden With Guayaki

Happy Spring Equinox! Today is not the official first day of Spring (as no official first day really exists for any season), but it is a major shift that is bringing us into the Spring Season if you aren’t yet experiencing that sweet warmth (uhhh, hello MT you’re still freezing). Today we honor the return of the sun, new growth, and all the changes that come with it. One of my all time favorite ways to kick off Spring is by starting new seedlings for my Summer garden, repotting existing plants, and maybe even splurging out and buying some new ones to add to my collection. One of the most important parts of this seasonal transition when it comes to the garden or your house plants is helping them wake up to prepare for new growth is by fertilizing them! If you’re like me, you probably don’t want to use commercial fertilizers, and even though there are some great organic options on the market, creating your own nutrients for your plants is more accessible. If you’re drinking a lot of Guayaki Yerba Maté via loose leaf or maté bags, did you know that they can go to good use after your done coming to life internally (and not wasted in the garbage can)? Maybe if you are familiar with composting you know that used loose leaf + bags make a great addition to any compost pile- but not everyone has the access to being able to have their own compost bins. That is why I’m here to share with you the extremely easy cost-efficient, waste-free fertilizer your plants will love this Spring.


  • Used Loose Leaf Yerba Maté or Bags


  1. After sipping on your maté, don’t throw away the loose leaf left over or those bags! If you won’t be directly planting, set aside the bags/loose leaf in a container somewhere dry and cool until ready to use. I’ve created a “compost” bin that I keep in my freezer for this exact purpose.


One of the best methods to getting the maté leaves nutrients into a plant is by mixing them in with the soil directly. This is best done when Spring arrives and you need to repot some of your existing plants to help wake them up, if you’re getting ready to repot any new plant, or prepping your ground soil outdoors for a garden. Using about 1 cup of used loose leaf maté per 1 gallon of soil, combine and then use mixture to repot. If you are working with your outdoor garden beds, sprinkle maté leaves around area and till to evenly mix.


This method is great for any existing plants that just need a boost anytime throughout the year. Take your loose leaf maté and sprinkle directly on top of soil like mulch. This method works best for outdoor potted plants or garden beds, but can be used indoors with caution. Indoors this method could cause mold growth or invite pests like gnats. Make sure your loose leaf is dry and monitor closely if using indoors.


If repotting plants, you can put your used maté bags on the bottom of the pot covering the drainage hole. This helps keep the roots of the plant moist by retaining moisture as well as providing nutrients.

In garden beds or around your lawn, provide a nutrient boost by digging small holes around the vicinity of your plants or in bald spots of your grass, and place the tea bags in the ground. Adding tea bags to the ground outdoors promotes all kinds of nitrogen rich goodness- earthworms love it!

Notes on using your used maté for plant’s sake:

  • These methods work extra well on acid loving plants like tomatoes, roses, and daffodils.

  • Ever make a cup of maté and forget about it? Same. Don’t dump it down the drain! It may not provide a ton of nutrients but can be poured directly into your plants as an occasional water substitute.

  • If you are looking for a serious fertilizer to promote more immediate and dramatic change to your plants, these methods will not provide that.

Happy Gardening!

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