DIY Bluephoria with Guayaki

If you know me, you know that one of my all time favorite flavors out of the Guayaki Yerba Maté cans is Bluephoria. It is my go-to, but sometimes you may just not have access to a can, or just want to make your own version of it where you can adjust sweetness and flavor to your own personal preference. So that is why today I’m here to share with you this super easy DIY Bluephoria recipe that you can make at home. Packed with antioxidant bursting blueberry, immune boosting elderberry, and a kick to help you come to life with maté. I chose to make mine using 100% pure blueberry juice, loose leaf brewed yerba maté, raw honey, and elderberry tincture that I had on hand- but feel free to take this recipe and let your creative instincts flow to craft you own perfect drink.


  • 1 Cup Brewed Guayaki Yerba Mate

  • 1 Cup 100% Pure Blueberry Juice

  • 1 Dropper Full Elderberry Tincture, or 2 TBSP Elderberry Syrup/Juice

  • 2-4 TBSP Raw Honey or Agave (if not using Elderberry Syrup)

  • Lemon Juice

Serves approx. 2


  1. Brew your cup of yerba maté and set aside to cool. If not using elderberry syrup, combine 2 TBSP raw honey or alt. to maté before cooling.

  2. In a glass, fill halfway with brewed yerba maté and fill the other half with the blueberry juice. Add in elderberry syrup and stir.

  3. If you are making the drink with the honey already infused into the maté- combine 2 TBSP of the elderberry juice or one full dropper of tincture.

  4. Add ice, a splash of lemon juice, and garnish with fresh berries or mint if you feel like dressing it up.

This makes a great drink that you can expand the recipe to make one big pitcher. Enjoy!

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*Creativity is always encouraged*


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Guayaki’s loose leaf yerba maté can be found in most health food stores. Use their store locator here to find products near you.