DIY Reusables With Guayaki: Multi-Use Bottle Cap Mat

Recycling bottle caps isn’t always the easiest task to accomplish, and depending on where you live and what access you have to recycle it may not even be an option. Thousands of bottle caps pollute the Earth regularly, but they don’t have to! Repurposing materials like bottle caps is not only the most sustainable way to give a new life to the caps, but can be used for a wide variety of different purposes both creative and functionable. Looking at the pile of used bright yellow Guayaki caps I was stashing away, I started to think about a problem I could solve with these caps. I thought about days by the river, and how I needed something to step on to avoid getting my feet covered in dirt when getting out of the water. That’s when I realized I could solve my problem by making a rollable floor mat using the caps. From this point I began to swim in the possibilities of all you could make- from coasters (perfect for camping), to different sizes of floor mats for on the go or at home.


Makes a 6x6 cap mat

  • 36 Guayaki Bottle Caps

  • Metal Hole Punch or Nail + Hammer

  • Fishing Line or Bendable Metal Wire

  • Needle Nose Pliers


1. Lay out your caps in the shape of the mat you are about to make. Going one row at a time pierce the holes in the caps based on how many holes are needed. Corners need two holes, side pieces need 3, and all inside pieces need four holes opposite from the other on every side. You will be hooking each cap together individually to make for a sturdy and flexible mat.

Tip: Keeping your caps in the mat formation throughout the process will make it much easier to put together.

2. Once all necessary holes are punched in the caps, take your fishing line or metal wire and fasten it through the loops two caps at a time and tie off. Use your pliers to tighten your knots and cut excess line or wire. Continue this process until all the caps are fastened together.

Hand wash if needed.

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*Creativity is always encouraged*


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