Goddess Of The Underworld

For my Halloween costume this year (an Aries Witch), I decided to pick up a new septum ring from jewelry and accessory company Vidakush. I have been following the brand on social media for quite some time now- eyeing all of their gorgeous pieces of jewelry. They are really the only company I have found that sells such unique and trendy septum rings- both faux and real, for an affordable price. 

After searching their whole site, I came across a stunning spiked silver ring that was the perfect amount of bold and dramatic. Rightfully titled "Hella" deriving from Norse mythology as the goddess of the underworld- which instantly spoke to me, I quickly picked up this bold ring hoping that it would arrive in time for the Halloween festivities.

To my surprise, and luck, it arrived just in time. The packaging was simple and to the point- focusing on the product. The ring itself is strong and to me great quality considering what I payed for it. However, it did take me a few days to get used to due to the size of the ring. It is a much larger ring than I am used to wearing (you'll typically see me rocking a dainty gold hoop), but after breaking it in it became more comfortable and I enjoyed wearing it the last week with no problems. 

Overall I was impressed with the quality and style of this ring. I originally bought it mainly for my Halloween costume- but I plan on including it into my everyday wardrobe when I'm feeling a little more bold. It matches perfectly with many of my statement outfits- plus who doesn't like feeling like the goddess of the underworld sometimes? I highly reccomend checking out Vidakush, I know I will be shopping again.